About us

The Lebanese Society for General Surgery was created in 1969 by less than ten Lebanese surgeons, most of them are still alive.

This organization grew rapidly and many other surgeons spontaneously joined this scientific association. By 1975, their number exceeded 70, and their scientific activities became regular and highly instructive. Many foreign surgeons and physicians were invited to contribute to its meetings and conferences.

The activities of the Lebanese Society for General Surgery have stagnated during the Lebanese war (1975-1990). By 1993, a new executive committee was elected and a new era of intense administrative and scientific activities started. A continuing Surgical Education program with accreditation of scientific meetings has then started. A National Surgery Board Exam was instituted. An animal Laboratory was created, and since 1995, a yearly National Spring Congress started to be organized.

By 2017, the number of active members of the surgical society approximated more than 270 surgeons. The actual president of the LSGS is Dr. Joseph MAROUN. The members of the administrative board are Drs. Jean BIAGINI,Youssef HADCHITI, Maroun SFEIR, Riad ZAGHLOUL, Mohamed IDRISS, Nehmetallah BASILE, Youssef BADRA and Minas KARAMINASSIAN .